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Buy Gift Cards from Popular Merchants: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Buy Gift Cards from Popular Merchants: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Buy gift cards from popular merchants at your convenience. Explore a wide selection of gift cards for gifting or treating yourself. Discover the perfect gift card for any occasion.


For these campaigns, cashback/discount is applicable only for Existing Users. Existing user is a user who has placed at least 1 successful order on HappyCredit. If you are seeing no cashback/discount for these campaigns, its because you are yet to place an order. After your first order, you will get regular cashback/discount for these campaigns.

HappyCredit brings you a curated selection of gift cards from popular merchants, offering you a diverse array of options to choose from. In this guide, we'll take you through the exciting experience of shopping for gift cards on HappyCredit, where you can select the perfect gift or treat yourself to the brands you love while earning cashback rewards.

Why Choose HappyCredit for Your Gift Cards?

Merchant Variety: HappyCredit offers an extensive range of gift cards from a wide spectrum of popular merchants, allowing you to find the perfect fit for every occasion or personal preference.

Instant Gifting: With HappyCredit, you can conveniently purchase and receive gift card codes via email instantly, making it the ideal solution for last-minute gifts or instant gratification.

Cashback Rewards: When you buy gift cards on HappyCredit, you're not just gifting or shopping; you're also unlocking the potential for cashback rewards, ensuring you get more from your purchases.

How to Purchase Gift Cards on HappyCredit:

Visit Our Website: Start by visiting the HappyCredit website and either logging in or creating an account.

Explore Gift Cards: Navigate to the 'Gift Cards' section, where you'll find an array of popular merchants to choose from.

Select Your Merchant: Click on the merchant of your choice to view available gift card options and denominations.

Add to Cart: Select the desired gift card, choose the denomination, and add it to your cart.

Checkout: Review your cart, proceed to checkout, and make the payment. You'll promptly receive the gift card code(s) in a pop up and in your email.

Using Your Gift Card:

For Gifting: If you're purchasing a gift card for someone else, simply share the gift card code with the recipient, allowing them to enjoy their shopping experience.

For Personal Use: If you're treating yourself, visit the merchant's website or store, select your favorite items, and at checkout, enter the gift card code to redeem your gift card's value.

HappyCredit is your go-to destination for exploring a world of gift cards. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, showing appreciation, or indulging in some retail therapy, our selection of popular merchant gift cards ensures you have the perfect gift or shopping companion. Explore our range today, purchase your favorite gift cards, and enjoy the satisfaction of gifting or shopping with the added bonus of cashback rewards. Elevate your gifting and shopping experience with HappyCredit!

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