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Crocs for Men

Crocs for Men

Shop stylish and comfy Crocs for men. Classic clogs, flip flops & more in various colors. Great deals & quick delivery!


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About Crocs for Men


Crocs has become one of the most recognizable footwear brands, known for their iconic clog design and innovative Croslite foam material. While Crocs started out as a unisex brand, they now offer an extensive selection of men’s styles ranging from sandals to boots. Crocs footwear provides comfort, functionality and versatile styling for men’s casual and active lifestyles.


Crocs, Inc. was founded in 2002 by Lyndon “Duke” Hanson, Scott Seamans and George Boedecker Jr. The original Crocs Classic Clog was unveiled in 2002 at a boat show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Made from a proprietary closed-cell resin material called Croslite, the lightweight, odor-resistant clogs were an instant hit.

In the years since, Crocs has expanded its product line to include a wide range of casual, dress, outdoor and athletic shoes for men, women and children. The company continues to innovate with new technologies like LiteRide and Swiftwater to enhance comfort. Today, Crocs has sold over 300 million pairs of shoes worldwide.

Croslite Foam

All Crocs shoes feature Croslite, a proprietary foam material that is soft, lightweight, supportive and odor-resistant. Croslite has several benefits that make it ideal for casual footwear:

  • Lightweight – Croslite is extremely lightweight, reducing fatigue.
  • Cushioned – The foam material provides cushioning and shock absorption.
  • Swim-Friendly – Croslite makes Crocs shoes water friendly and quick to dry.
  • Odor Resistant – The material inhibits odor, keeping shoes fresher.
  • Flexible – Croslite has flexibility to conform around the foot.

The material enables Crocs to produce comfortable, functional shoes suited for casual wear.

Men’s Collections

Crocs makes a wide variety of men’s shoes divided into the following collections:

Casual Clogs & Sandals

The Classic Clogs and sandals are still a staple of Crocs footwear. The casual clogs feature roomy toe boxes and pivoting heel straps for adjustability. They provide all-day comfort for daily wear.

Athletic & Outdoor

Crocs athletic and outdoor collections are engineered for versatility, durability and traction. The Swiftwater collection is designed for water use, while the Off Road collection is optimized for hiking and rugged activities.


Crocs makes a selection of boots designed for work or recreational environments. Styles like the AllCast Luxe Boots are waterproof and insulated for weather protection.


The Crocs slipper collection provides laidback indoor comfort. Styles like the Swiftwater Slide Slipper have Croslite uppers and fuzzy liners.


With innovative comfort technologies like Croslite, Crocs has established itself as a leading brand in casual men’s footwear. Crocs offers a diverse range of products to fit any lifestyle, from clogs to boots and slippers. The lightweight, supportive designs deliver all-day wearability.

FAQs about Crocs for Men

Why are Crocs so expensive?

Crocs may seem expensive compared to other plastic shoes, but there are several reasons for their higher price point. Crocs are made from a proprietary, molded Croslite foam material that offers many benefits like comfort, lightweight cushioning, and odor resistance. Developing this unique material and the patented Crocs design results in higher manufacturing costs. Additionally, since Crocs have become a popular lifestyle brand, some of the cost comes from their branding and marketing efforts. While there are cheaper foam clog options, Crocs have a reputation for quality and comfort that fans feel is worth the price.

Do men wear Croc?

Yes, Crocs are popular among both men and women. Initially Crocs were more popular among women, but many men have come to appreciate the comfortable, casual style of Crocs clogs and sandals. Crocs makes styles designed specifically for men, including clogs, slip-ons, boots, sandals and athletic shoes. Men like that Crocs are lightweight, water-friendly, easy to clean and provide all-day comfort.

Is Crocs water proof?

Crocs are not completely waterproof, but they are water-friendly and quick to dry. The Croslite foam material is lightweight and allows water to drain through the holes in the uppers. While water can get into Crocs, it will not saturate or absorb into the foam like leather or textile shoes. This makes Crocs shoes ideal for boating, beach days, poolside wear and other water activities. The foam construction means Crocs will dry out quickly after getting wet.

Which color Crocs are best for men?

Men can choose Crocs in classic colors like black, white, navy or brown for versatility. Crocs also offers color pops and camo prints that are popular among men. The best Crocs color comes down to personal preference, but some of the most popular shades for men are:

  • Black – goes with everything
  • Classic Blue – neutral and versatile
  • Espresso – rich brown hue
  • Army Green – earthy outdoor shade

Why do Crocs have 13 holes?

The 13 holes in the Crocs Classic Clogs serve both stylistic and functional purposes. The hole pattern gives Crocs their signature, recognizable look. The holes also provide ventilation to keep feet cool and comfortable. They allow air circulation, while still covering key areas of the foot for protection. The front holes allow toes to breathe, while the back holes provide airflow around the heel and ankle.

Is Crocs good for your feet?

Crocs can be good for your feet due to their ergonomic design. The Croslite foam conforms to the shape of your feet and provides cushioning and arch support. The lightweight design helps reduce strain and fatigue. The roomy toe box design allows your feet to relax and spread out naturally. Crocs are often recommended for people who are on their feet all day at jobs like nursing, food service and hospitality. However, some podiatrists caution against overuse of Crocs as they lack structure and can loosen over time. Moderation is best when wearing Crocs.

Which type of Crocs is best?

Some of the most popular and highly rated Crocs for men include:

  • Classic Clog – The original comfort shoe that started it all. Provides great value.
  • Swiftwater Sandal – Perfect for adventures, water and outdoor activity.
  • Santa Cruz Loafer – An elevated casual style with cushioning.
  • Modi Flip – A standard flip flop made incredibly comfortable.
  • Literide Pacer – Lightweight athletic style with enhanced cushioning.

The “best” Crocs truly depends on personal needs and preferences. Consider activity level, usage and desired style when selecting your perfect Crocs.

What are better than Crocs?

While Crocs have many fans, some alternatives may better suit certain needs:

  • Athletic shoes are better for fitness and high activity.
  • Boots offer more warmth and structure for winter weather.
  • Leather sandals have a more elegant, durable style.
  • Slip resistant clogs provide enhanced safety in work environments.
  • Orthopedic shoes or inserts better accommodate foot conditions.
  • Barefoot shoes allow more flexibility and toe movement.

When choosing between Crocs or alternatives, consider priorities like style, usage, foot support and budget to decide what option is the best fit.

Do Crocs last long?

With proper care, Crocs can last for years. The Croslite foam material is quite durable and does not easily compress or lose its cushioning. Avoiding excessive heat helps Crocs maintain their structure. Look for cracks yearly and replace Crocs once the material splits or develops holes. The heel straps or pods may wear out over time from friction. Overall Crocs can remain usable for 2-4 years with regular wear. Rotate 2 pairs to extend the life even further.

Are Crocs 100% rubber?

Crocs are not made of rubber, they are made from a foam resin called Croslite. Croslite consists of several polymer materials including ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and proprietary polymers. There is no natural rubber in standard Crocs, but the material has rubber-like qualities being soft, flexible, waterproof and durable like rubber. Jibbitz charms can contain rubber. The Crocs Company does utilize some rubber materials in select shoe styles.

Are Crocs washable?

Yes, Crocs are fully washable and easy to clean. The best way to wash Crocs is by hand using mild soap and water. Allow Crocs to air dry completely after washing. You can also wash Crocs in the washing machine on a gentle, delicates or air dry cycle. Avoid using hot water or harsh detergents. Do not put Crocs in the dryer, always let them air dry to prevent damage. Proper washing keeps Crocs fresh and extends their life.

Are Crocs good in rain?

Crocs perform quite well in rain thanks to their water-friendly design. The holes allow water drainage out the sides so Crocs will not fill up and absorb water like fabric shoes. Traction pods on the outsole provide stability on wet surfaces. Since they are lightweight, Crocs dry out quickly if they do get saturated after heavy rain. The only downside is Crocs offer minimal insulation, so feet may get cold in cooler rainy weather. Overall, the water-resistant Croslite foam makes Crocs a good option for wet conditions.

Which gender wears Crocs more?

In the early 2000s, Crocs were more popular among women. However, the brand has seen increasing popularity among men in recent years. Currently, Crocs are worn fairly evenly between men and women. The company reported that male consumers accounted for 49% of Crocs sales worldwide in 2021. So while women represented the early adopters, Crocs have crossed over into a unisex brand that is now ubiquitous in mainstream culture. Their comfort and casual styling appeals to all genders.

Do you wear socks with Crocs?

Wearing socks with Crocs is a personal preference – some wearers like the feeling of socks with Crocs while others prefer to wear their Crocs without socks. If you plan to wear socks with your Crocs, it’s best to opt for low profile, no-show socks that won’t stick out above the clogs’ heel backs. Bulkier crew socks can feel uncomfortable when wearing Crocs. Socks provide warmth, absorb sweat, and prevent blisters from friction. Going without socks allows for ventilation and can be more comfortable in warm weather. Consider your climate, foot needs and style preference when deciding on socks with Crocs.

Why are Crocs so popular?

There are several factors that contribute to Crocs’ popularity:

  • Comfort – The lightweight Croslite foam is incredibly cushioned and custom molds to your feet.
  • Convenience – Crocs are easy to slip on, water-friendly, and low maintenance.
  • Affordability – Crocs offer reliable comfort at an accessible price point.
  • All-day wear – The non-constricting fit makes them comfortable for long periods of wear.
  • Fun styles – Crocs come in a rainbow of colors and prints that appeal to a wide demographic.
  • Better materials – Improvements to Croslite improved softness, odor resistance and durability.

The unique comfort of Crocs makes them a favored casual footwear choice for many consumers.