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Safari Trolley Bag

Safari Trolley Bag

Buy Safari Trolley Bag online. Amazing deals on Hardsided polycarbonate trolley bags from Safari. Free shipping.


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About Safari Trolley Bags


Safari is a leading manufacturer of high-quality trolley bags catering to the needs of frequent travelers. For over a decade, Safari has been crafting innovative and stylish luggage to make travel more convenient and hassle-free for its customers.

Our History

Safari was founded in 2010 by a team of entrepreneurs who recognized the need for durable and multi-functional luggage. Starting with a small production unit, Safari soon expanded its product line and distribution network to become one of the most recognized trolley bag brands in the country.

Our Products

Hardside vs Softside Trolley Bags

Safari offers both hardside and softside trolley bags to suit different travel needs. Hardside trolley bags with polycarbonate or polypropylene shells are extremely durable and offer maximum protection. Softside trolley bags made of polyester fabric are lightweight and enable flexibility in packing.

Luggage Sizes

Safari’s trolley bag range includes small cabin sizes ideal for short trips, medium check-in sizes for longer trips and large check-in options for extended travel. With varied capacities from 50cms to 80cms, there is a Safari trolley bag for every kind of getaway.

Design and Colors

From solid blacks, blues and reds to abstract prints and vibrant multicolor options, Safari offers trolley bags in contemporary and stylish designs. The bags feature smooth rolling wheels, TSA locks, and stylish handles.

Our Production Process

Safari employs advanced techniques and complies with stringent quality control at every stage – from procurement of raw materials to final assembly. Our state-of-the-art facility and expert R&D team ensure we deliver high-quality, durable and perfected products every time.

Our Commitment to Customers

At Safari, customers are our priority. Our products come with comprehensive warranty coverage. We have an efficient after-sales service network across the country to handle any product issues promptly. Our customer service team works round-the-clock to address all queries and concerns.

The Future of Safari

As a forward-looking brand, Safari aims to constantly innovate in luggage technology and design. We will continue elevating the travel experience of our customers through cutting-edge products that make journeys more enjoyable and trouble-free. The journey ahead is exciting and Safari looks forward to being a trusted partner in every customer’s travels.

FAQs about Safari Trolley Bags

Is Safari a good brand for trolley bags?

Yes, Safari is considered one of the best brands for trolley bags in India. Known for its durability and innovative designs, Safari offers a great range of hardside and softside trolley bags catering to different travel needs. The bags feature quality materials like polycarbonate and polyester, multi-directional wheels and thoughtful compartments.

What is the size of cabin trolley bag in Safari?

Safari offers cabin trolley bags in compact sizes typically ranging from 50 cms to 55 cms. These are suitable for short trips and adhere to the cabin baggage dimensions allowed by most airlines. Some popular Safari cabin trolley bags are the Falcon 55 cms and Cheetah 50 cms models.

Which brand is Safari bags?

Safari is an Indian luggage brand owned by Safari Industries, headquartered in Mumbai. Established in the 1990s, Safari is now a renowned luggage brand with a wide product range including suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks and business cases besides trolley bags.

What is the price of Safari trolley case?

Safari trolley cases are priced between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 15,000 approximately based on the type, size, material and features. Smaller cabin trolleys are priced on the lower end while larger check-in sizes are more expensive. Hardside trolleys also tend to cost more than softside ones.

Is Safari better than VIP?

Both Safari and VIP are leading Indian luggage brands. Safari trolleys are known for innovative designs, printed patterns and color options. VIP focuses more on durability with hardside trolleys. In terms of quality and range, Safari and VIP are comparable brands. The choice ultimately depends on individual preferences.

Is American Tourister owned by Safari?

No, American Tourister is not owned by Safari. American Tourister is an international luggage brand owned by the Samsonite group. Safari and American Tourister operate independently. However, Safari trolleys often match up to American Tourister in terms of features and quality.

Which company trolley bag is best?

Some of the best trolley bag brands in India include Safari, VIP, American Tourister, Skybags and Aristocrat. Safari is known for its range of printed and colorful trolleys. VIP offers very durable hardside options. American Tourister provides trolleys with great organizational features.

What size bag is best for safari?

For safari trips, a medium to large duffel or holdall bag around 60 cms to 90 cms capacity is ideal. These allow you to pack clothing, gear and supplies securely while being compact enough for jeep transfers. Backpacks are also popular for carrying essentials hands-free on safari.

Is 22 inch trolley bag allowed in flight?

Yes, generally a 22 inch cabin trolley bag is permitted as carry-on baggage by most domestic and international airlines. This typically corresponds to around 55 cms which falls under the approved cabin luggage dimensions of 115 cms (length + width + height). Always check your airline’s size restrictions before travelling.

Which country brand is Safari?

Safari is an Indian luggage brand manufactured in India. It is owned by Safari Industries based in Mumbai. Safari bags are designed and produced in India while being exported to many countries across the world.

Which company made Safari?

The Safari brand of luggage is manufactured by Safari Industries, an Indian luggage company headquartered in Mumbai. Founded in the 1990s, Safari Industries created the Safari brand which is now recognized globally for its quality bags and travel gear.

Who owns Safari brand?

Safari is owned by the Indian conglomerate Safari Industries. Headquartered in Mumbai, Safari Industries is a leading manufacturer and exporter of luggage and bags in India. The company owns brands like Safari and Genius besides manufacturing for other labels.

Which material is best for trolley bags?

Polycarbonate and polypropylene are considered the best materials for trolley bags as they are very durable and impact-resistant. These materials are used in hardside trolleys. For softside trolleys, polyester is a good option, being both lightweight and water-resistant.

Which trolley bag is best plastic or cloth?

Hardside polycarbonate or polypropylene trolley bags are the most durable and provide better protection. Softside polyester trolleys are more flexible in terms of packing capacity and weigh comparatively lesser. So the ideal option depends on individual preference and needs.

Is Magnum a safari brand?

No, Magnum is not part of the Safari brand. Magnum is a luggage brand owned by Aristocrat, which is a competitor of Safari in India. Safari and Magnum operate as independent brands with their respective product ranges.