6 Best Non-Electric Water Purifiers in India [2023]

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Best Non Electric Water Purifiers ou1cKB

    Access to safe and clean water is essential for everyone, regardless of where they are. While electric water purifiers are excellent at purifying water, they cannot be transported everywhere. This is where non-electric water purifiers are beneficial. They provide clean drinking water even in remote and off-grid places without electricity. They are also lightweight, making them easy to carry. 

    If you want to purchase a non-electric water purifier but are confused with the hundreds of options available, we have curated a list of the best non-electric water purifiers to help you select one for your home. 

    How to Choose the Best Non-Electric Water Purifier?

    To decide which non-electric water purifier will suit your requirements, here are the factors you should consider. 

    Type of Filtration

    The three main types of filtration methods are available: ceramic, gravity bases, and activated carbon. Consider which filtration method will meet your needs. Check their pros and cons. For example, an activated carbon filter can filter carbon, chlorine, and organic disinfectants well but is ineffective at removing non-carbon chemicals. 


    Most non-electric water purifiers require little maintenance. However, it is crucial to know what the maintenance process looks like. Some cleaners have filters that can be reused upon cleaning, while some have parts that need to be replaced regularly. 


    The next factor you should consider is the capacity of the purifier. If your water requirement is high and you want to use the purifier for a long time, you should consider buying a water purifier with a large capacity. 


    Another critical factor to consider is your budget. Good-quality non-electric water purifiers in India start at Rs. 1,500. Therefore, make your decision based on your budget.

    Top 6 Best Non-Electric Water Purifiers 

    With the knowledge of the factors you should consider while choosing a water purifier, let us move on to the 6 best non-electric water purifiers in India. 

    • Tata Swach Cristella Advance Blue Water Purifier
    • Rama Gravity Water Filter and Purifier
    • Nova Non-Electric Purifier
    • Prestige Non-Electric Acrylic Water Purifier
    • Nexqua Dew Water Purifier
    • Kent Gold Optima Gravity Water Purifier

    1. Tata Swach Cristella Advance Blue Water Purifier

    Tata Swach Cristella Advance Blue Water Purifier

    With a capacity of 18 litres of water, the Tata Swach Cristella Advance Blue Water Purifier has a high purification rate and requires little maintenance. It suits anyone looking for a compact water purifier with medium capacity.

    The water purifier’s food-grade body also matches the Log Reduction Value for cysts, viruses, and bacteria, as per the USEPA guidelines. The filter cartridge can purify 6,000 litres of water before needing replacement. 

    What’s Great?

    • Compact and sleek design
    • Food-grade body material
    • Has a long life and requires little maintenance 

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    2. Rama Gravity Water Filter and Purifier

    Rama Gravity Water Filter and Purifier

    The Rama Gravity Water Filter and Purifier has a capacity of 32 litres and is effective at removing harmful chemicals and odours. This purifier gives you regular access to better-tasting water with all the essential minerals. 

    The water purifier has 2 Rama Spirit candles and effectively prevents dysentery, typhoid, cholera, and salmonellosis, among many others. 

    What’s Great?

    • Removes 99.99% of bacteria 
    • Rust-free 
    • Easily cleanable and reusable filter

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    3. Nova Non-Electric Purifier

    Nova Non-Electric Purifier

    The Nova Non-electric Purifier is based on the Ultrafiltration Membrane Technology developed by the BARC. It removes germs and viruses from the water without eliminating helpful minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. It also increases the pH level of water to 8, which can be beneficial for our health. 

    What’s Great?

    • Suitable for big families with a capacity of 30 litres
    • Help in retaining calcium and magnesium in the water
    • 1-year warranty 

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    4. Prestige Non-Electric Acrylic Water Purifier

    Prestige Non-Electric Acrylic Water Purifier

    With a sleek and durable acrylic body, the Prestige Non-electric Acrylic Water Purifier decreases pathogenic bacteria by 99.99%. It has a capacity of 9 litres and complies with the stringent standards of the US-EPA and NSF 42. It is easy to install and provides quick access to clean water. 

    What’s Great?

    • Decreases odour and chlorine taste
    • Reduces pathogenic bacteria by 99.99%
    • Excellent capacity to hold dirt

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    5. Nexqua Dew Water Purifier

    Nexqua Dew Water Purifier

    Made from non-breakable food-grade plastic, the Nexqua Dew Water Purifier has a stylish design and uses nanotechnology to eliminate viruses and germs. It is incredibly economical and has low running costs. The capacity of 14 litres makes it suitable for a small family.  

    What’s Great?

    • Long-lasting and easy-to-maintain container
    • Low running costs
    • Food-grade plastic construction
    • Removes harmful pathogens 

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    6. Kent Gold Optima Gravity Water Purifier

    Kent Gold Optima Gravity Water Purifier

    The Kent Gold Optima Gravity Water Purifier is WQA and USA Gold Seal-certified water purifier. It purifies the water by using a hollow fibre ultrafiltration membrane. The membrane lasts for six months. 

    Since the filtration process does not use chlorine, iodine or other chemicals, the water tastes better and is free of any foul odour. The purifier uses nano-silver carbon to disinfect the water. 

    What’s Great?

    • Chemical free purification
    • Has an ABS food-grade body 
    • Brilliant design with a high base stand
    • Beneficial for water with low TDS

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    Buying the best non-electric water purifier that suits your needs can be a challenging task. However, we hope this list helped you narrow down your choices. Each of the water filters listed here has its own strengths. Consider factors like maintenance requirements, capacity, type of filtration, and your budget while deciding the best one for you. 


    1. Are non-electric water purifiers good?

    Non-electric water purifiers provide safe and clean water at all times. They are also portable and easy to maintain, which makes them a great choice.

    2. Which purifier is best for home use, electric or non-electric?

    Both electric and non-electric water purifiers are good. It ultimately depends on your needs. If you need a portable and easy-to-maintain purifier, non-electric water purifiers are the best. Electric water purifiers may be more suitable if you need to purify water with high TDS. 

    3. What factors should I consider before buying a non-electric water purifier?

    You should consider factors like the type of filtration, TDS level in your water, budget, the capacity of the purifier, brand reputation, and maintenance requirements while purchasing a water purifier. 

    4. What are the best non-electric water purifiers in India?

    Some of the best non-electric water purifiers in India include Tata Swach Cristella Advance Blue Water Purifier, Prestige Non-Electric Acrylic Water Purifier, and Kent Gold Optima Gravity Water Purifier.