Keep Things Hassle-Free with the Best Diapers for Babies in India

By Susmitha R -

Diapers are very important for new mothers taking care of their newborn child. They lock the odour of the poop and keep the baby clean and mess-free. You must find the best diapers for newborns to ensure the utmost comfort for your baby.

This guide will help you select the best diapers for newborns!

Things to Consider While Buying a Diaper for Your Baby

You must consider several things before you buy diapers for your baby. Let's consider these factors to help you buy the best diapers for newborns.

  • Brand: The brand of the diaper pack plays a major role in selecting the diaper. You should go with a reputed brand and avoid buying local brands when hunting for a diaper.
  • Absorbency: Going for a long day trip? You will need a diaper with strong absorbency and should have the capability to absorb both the pee and poop of the baby.
  • Stretchability and Fit: The fit of the diaper is quite important. This is because if the diaper is loose, it might come off easily, and if it is tight, it might make the baby uncomfortable.
  • Size and Weight of the Baby: Before you go diaper shopping, you should know the size and weight of your baby. These pieces of information will help you choose the size of the best diaper for a newborn.
  • Skin Sensitivity:While most babies have sensitive skin, some might have an even higher sensitivity than others. You should choose a diaper that ensures the baby won't have any rashes post the product use.

Top 5 Diaper Brands for Newborns

Once you have determined your requirements, you must select the best diaper for baby India. We have curated a list of the best diapers in India. You can make a pick based on your budget and requirements.

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1. Pampers

Pampers Diaper Brands for Newborns

Pampers is one of the most renowned diaper brands in India. They have a huge range of diapers available in different sizes. The material used for making these diapers is very soft on the skin and is also known for being quite stretchable. The best thing about them is that they have a wetness indicator to tell the parents when it's time for a change. It is one of the best diapers for a newborn.

What's Great?

  • These diapers come with adjustable tape that can use to make the diaper comfortable for the babies
  • The diapers absorb quickly and spread evenly to avoid any moisture

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2. Huggies

Huggies Diaper Brands for Newborns

Huggies is another great brand regarding the best diapers for a newborn. These diapers provide all-around protection as they lock the moisture and keep the baby dry for long hours. Most of their products come with a 3-D bubble bed that guarantees softness.

What's Great?

  • The bubble-bed technology is what sets the Huggies diapers apart
  • They have a triple leak guard mechanism that ensures no leaks and the baby is away from moisture.

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3. Himalaya

Himalaya Diaper Brands for Newborns

Himalaya, as a brand, is known for its Ayurvedic goodness. The diapers are known to have aloe vera extracts and Yashada Bhasma that prevent the growth of any germs. It also keeps the odour-causing germs off bay. The diapers have great air circulation, keeping the baby fresh for a longer duration, being one of the best diapers for newborns.

What's Great?

  • These diapers come with an anti-rash shield that has the goodness of natural ingredients.
  • These diapers are ideal for heavy wetters and come with a wetness indicator.

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4. MamyPoko Pants

MamyPoko Pants Diaper Brands for Newborns

MamyPoko Pants has become a household name and is considered one of the best diapers for a newborn. The brand claims to absorb almost six glasses of water; hence, it is a great bet for better absorbancy. The absorbent sheet has an even spread of the fluid to avoid the bulging of the diaper from one side.

What's Great?

  • These diapers work like pants. Hence, removing them is quite easy.
  • Provide excellent thigh support so that the child can play in diapers.

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5. Supples

Supples Diaper Brands for Newborns

Supples Store Diapers provide baby protection from allergies and other skin issues. The soft cotton material keeps the baby's skin comfy all day. This diaper is best suited for children weighing 9 and 14 kg. The trickle lock cuff also prevents leaks.

What's Great?

  • The top layer is made up of a zig-zag sheet that ensures quick absorption
  • These diapers are ideal for babies with sensitive skin as they are practically rash-free.

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Wrapping Up

While it might seem difficult to find the right brand of diapers for your newborn, we have got you covered. Before making the pick, you must consider our list of the best diapers for newborns. It would also help if you looked at the other aspects mentioned, to help choose the best product.


Q. What are some of the best platforms where I can buy high-quality baby diapers?

Ans. You can buy the best baby diapers on prominent e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. You can browse through several options before you pick one.

Q. Why are the softness and breathability of the diaper important?

Ans. The fabric of your baby's diaper is extremely important because of how sensitive their skin is. A soft, breathable fabric should be used to create the diaper so as not to obstruct the airflow at the baby's bottoms.

Q. What are some important factors you should consider before buying a diaper?

Ans. You must look at the stretchability, fit, budget, skin sensitivity, etc., while buying a diaper for your baby.