Best Mosquito Bat Brands In India [2023]

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Mosquito bat Brands 47KfaW
Mosquito bat Brands 47KfaW

    Are you looking for the best mosquito bat brands in India? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading below to learn more about India’s top mosquito bat brands.

    Mosquitoes are potentially harmful creatures, as their stings can cause severe diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, Zika, etc. This is why people earlier used mosquito-repellent coils that contained traces of harmful chemicals and other carcinogens to derive them away from their homes. However, these directly hindered their respiratory well-being.

    This is why people nowadays prefer modern mosquito bats that operate on electricity and do not contribute to respiratory or environmental hazards.

    Understanding The Working Of a Mosquito Bat

    A mosquito racket is an effective tool that can help eliminate various mosquitoes, bees, and other small insects in a single, quick motion. In addition, a mosquito racket comes fitted with mesh developed to lure mosquitoes. When mosquitoes fly and sit on the bat, they are immediately killed by the electrical shock generated by the mosquito net.

    Moreover, using a mosquito racket is an exceptionally seamless process. All you need to do is turn on the machine or push the control button to attract mosquitoes to get trapped in the racket’s mesh. This way, you won’t have to worry about becoming sick from malaria, chikungunya, dengue, or other harmful diseases.

    People who have thus been looking for some of the best mosquito bat brands in India can refer to the list below and opt for a brand that suits their requirements.

    Top Mosquito Bat Brands In India

    Here is a comprehensive list of the best mosquito brands in India.

    Quick Overview of the Brands

    1. HIT

    HIT Mosquito Bat Brands

    HIT is one of the most well-known mosquito racket manufacturers delivering high-quality mosquito bats. In addition, mosquito rackets by HIT hold a unique design that allows it to find mosquitoes hidden in places like behind the curtains, under your sofa, and even on the sides of your room.

    Moreover, this racket is made with airplane ABS plastic nosy, which guarantees that it will provide reliable assistance for an extended time. It arrives with a powerful battery with a magnitude of 400 mAh, which allows it to work on a battery charge for roughly a month.

    Besides, this mosquito racket that kills mosquitoes and other insects features a toggle power button, a red indication, and a white LED light to find mosquitoes even in the dark. The robust net can trap the insects and quickly kill them when activated.

    What’s Great

    • Provides aircraft-quality ABS plastic structure for extra durability
    • Powerful 3,500V DC voltage on the mesh that destroys mosquitoes immediately.
    • An attractive but sturdy design that presents enhanced corner coverage.

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    2. Dewberries

    Dewberries Mosquito Bat Brands

    This blue and black mosquito racket is made from an ABS plastic body manufactured from high-grade material. The high-quality materials in this racket present exceptional service for an extended time. It comprises a long grip devised for a better grip and holds a wire net that can catch and kill flies and mosquitoes. Moreover, you can also use this mosquito-repellent device that swats mosquitoes and comes with a rechargeable battery.

    What’s Great

    • This high-quality mosquito racket guarantees the best quality and safety for the consumer.
    • Manufactured with plastic, it is highly durable and lightweight for extended usage.
    • This mosquito racket holds a toggle switch that you can turn on and off at your convenience.

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    3. Akshara

    Akshara Mosquito Bat Brands

    This mosquito racket works exceptionally against all kinds of pests, not only mosquitoes, making it one of the most suitable mosquito rackets. This mosquito racket has a cutting-edge design in white and orange shades and a striking button that allows you to use it seamlessly. The racket net is fitted with a powerful lead-acid battery with 500 mAh. It is backed by cutting-edge technology to guarantee a power backup of upto 20 hours.

    What’s Great

    • Popular mosquito racket brand that uses German and Japanese technology.
    • The sleek and powerful grip lets you hold and aim correctly.
    • This powerful mosquito racket by Akshara is made with high-grade plastic and a shock-proof aluminum mesh that keeps you secured while using it.

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    4. Viola

    Viola Mosquito Bat Brands

    If you wish to eliminate those pesky mosquitoes in your home, the mosquito racket from Voila can be your perfect partner. This mosquito bat’s design, which holds a robust metal net, makes it useful against all small insects, including house flies and mosquitoes. Moreover, designed for the user’s comfort, this mosquito bat is fitted with a sturdy button.

    What’s Great

    • This mosquito racket has a powerful 1300 mAh battery that may deliver adequate power backup for 30 days.
    • It holds a flashlight for improved visibility and
    • The shock-proof net makes it secure and comfortable, while the built-in system controls short circuits.

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    5. Boverty

    Boverty Mosquito Bat Brands

    This mosquito-killing device comes with a UV light for attracting mosquitoes inside and outdoors. Moreover, this mosquito racket boasts a waterproof style and a high-quality ABS plastic body. And you know the best part? This racket holds six different LED lights that attract the mosquitoes’ interest. Besides, this racket generates carbon dioxide via a photo-catalyzed procedure, and the UV light oozes human scent to trap the mosquitoes.

    What’s Great

    • This racket features a blue light that draws mosquitos and makes it seamless to get rid of them.
    • The 1200 mAh battery extends for a long time without charging.
    • The racket holds a three-layered net to keep you guarded when using it.

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    Wrapping Up

    All in all, the above products are some of the best mosquito bat brands in India.

    So why wait? Select the best rackets to guard yourself and your loved ones from disease-causing mosquitoes. Besides, there are abundant options available in mosquito rackets to help you pick one that suits your budget.


    Q1. Which Is the Best Mosquito Racket in India?

    Ans. HIT, Dewberries, and Akshara are among India’s leading brands of mosquito-killing rackets.

    Q2. What Is the Electric Current of Mosquito Rackets?

    Ans. The voltage of the mosquito racket battery differs from 2500V DC to 3500V DC to immediately kill mosquitoes and other flies.

    Q3. Can I Touch the Net of a Mosquito Racket?

    Ans. While there is a lot of misconception that electrical mosquito rackets pose a risk to people, they are not harmful to human health. They do not produce a current when you touch the net accidentally.