What Are the Top Waterproof Lipstick Brands in India ? [2023]

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Best Waterproof Lipstick Brands in India RBJrmt
Best Waterproof Lipstick Brands in India RBJrmt

    Lipstick is one of the most important makeup products that carry the power to make or break your look. And every woman prefers lipstick that remains intact for an extended time without reapplication. It was why waterproof lipsticks came into the picture and became a game-changer in the makeup world. In addition, there are countless benefits that waterproof lipstick offers.

    And besides lasting throughout the day, a waterproof lipstick requires minimal touch-ups, remains smudge-free, and provides full coverage in a single stroke. So given these benefits, every leading makeup and beauty brand in India has launched its range of waterproof lipsticks. However, given the sheer number of waterproof lipsticks available in the market recently, choosing one can be overwhelming.

    Hence to help you get that perfect smudge and waterproof lipstick, here are some of the top waterproof lipstick in India!

    How to Choose the Best Waterproof lipstick?

    Finding a waterproof lipstick that looks beautiful, is long-lasting, and remains smudge-proof even under a face mask can be challenging. However, it is not impossible. Here are some factors you must consider when choosing waterproof lipstick.

    • Skin tone: When selecting the right waterproof lipstick, choosing one that matches your skin tone and undertone is essential.
    • Lipstick shades: While nudes and coral shades complement all skin complexions, you must pay equal attention to their undertones, like cool, neutral, or warm, and choose a shade that blends perfectly with them.
    • Consider your natural lip colour: The most suitable lip tones will be a colour or two darker than your natural lip shade. And to test this, you must simply apply your preferred lipstick shade on one lip, and you will find the perfect colour one or two shades darker than your bare lip.

    Top 5 WaterProof Lipsticks in India

    Below is the list of the top five waterproof lipsticks in India that will remain intact for an extended time without any smudging,

    1. Renee Waterproof lipstick

    Renee Waterproof lipstick

    Although a new player in the beauty and makeup industry, Renee has become a well-known brand in India. While it offers a wide range of beauty and cosmetic products, waterproof lipsticks by Renee in stunning shades remain best-seller.

    Its transfer-proof properties and highly pigmented shades are what women love the most. Furthermore, one of the most liked features of this brand is it is entirely vegan and makes lipsticks from natural ingredients that keep the lips moisturized. In addition, this brand’s pocket-friendly rates make Renee a popular cosmetic brand in India.

    Key Highlights

    • Lightweight and comfortable application
    • Cruelty-free
    • Smudge-proof

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    2. Kay Beauty

    Kay-Beauty Waterproof lipstick

    Kay Beauty is another famous cosmetic brand offering rich matte waterproof lipsticks in different shades to give you a bold and intense look. Moreover, since these lipsticks are transfer-proof and stay for an extended time, they can be your go-to choice for office and college makeup. It is perfect for office and college looks. And created with a lightweight formula, these lipsticks are comfortable for all-day use. Likewise, these lipsticks are cruelty-free and contain natural ingredients that keep your lips supple and moisturized.

    Key Highlights

    • Beautiful matte finish
    • Creamy formula that glides smoothly on the skin
    • Paraben and cruelty-free

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    3. Mac

    Mac Waterproof lipstick

    Mac’s Matte waterproof lipsticks are famous for their intense pigmentation and saturated shades. Furthermore, this lipstick’s creamy, thick texture flows seamlessly on the skin and offers a perfect matte touch in just one stroke. Besides, this lipstick has a long-lasting formula that makes it smudge-proof and bleed-proof without demanding regular touch-ups. And you know the best part? Its highly pigmented shades perfectly highlight your lips and give them a striking look.

    Key Highlights

    • Offers excellent colour payoff in a single stroke
    • The liquid formula glides smoothly like butter
    • Contains nourishing ingredients

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    4. Sugar

    Sugar Waterproof lipstick

    Waterproof lipsticks by Sugar is perfect if you hate reapplying your lipsticks again and again. And it is a favourite among women who love glossy and matte lips. In addition, being the most loved lipstick brand in India, Sugar’s waterproof lipsticks are waterproof and exceptionally long-lasting. Recently emerging as one of the leading cosmetic brands in India, lipsticks by Sugar last for a long time and are entirely transfer-proof and keep your lips from getting chapped.

    Key Features

    • An intense pigment that lasts long
    • A non-sticky formula that keeps you comfortable all day long
    • Long-lasting and smudge-proof

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    5. Nykaa

    Nykaa Waterproof lipstick

    Nykaa recently earned immense prevalence with its high-quality makeup products, especially waterproof lipsticks. With highly pigmented lipsticks for every Indian skin tone, waterproof lipsticks by Nykaa glide beautifully on lips and offer an ultra-matte finish. The natural ingredients and unique formula make Nykaa lipsticks stand out from the rest and offer the best value for money.

    Key Features

    • Lasts for up to 12 hours without smudging
    • A creamy, smooth texture prevents lips from chapping
    • Smooth formula and matte finish

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    Final Words

    In a nutshell, waterproof lipsticks last for an extended time and are ideal for women who don’t like frequent touch-ups. And all the brands mentioned above have the best variety of waterproof lipsticks that are long-lasting, smudge-proof, and offer the best value for money. So next time you shop for the best waterproof lipstick, don’t forget to take cues from this article and find your best pick.


    Q1. Which brand offers the best waterproof lipsticks in India?

    Ans. Brands like Sugar, Nykaa, and Kay Beauty offer the best waterproof lipsticks in India.

    Q2. How long does waterproof lipstick last?

    Ans. While this differs from brand to brand, waterproof lipsticks generally last upto 12 hours.

    Q3. Is Sugar lipstick transfer-proof?

    Ans. Lipsticks from Sugar are entirely waterproof and transfer-proof.