Top 8 Best Chocolates in India [2023]

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best chocolates gGYIdH

    The best ‘sweet surrenders’ are undoubtedly chocolates, more so because they are preferred by almost every generation and age group. Chocolates can grace every occasion and make it special, be it a wedding, a festival or a celebration. The multiple uses of chocolates make it universally applauded and an all-time favourite. 

    With the wide variety of options for chocolates in India, it is always a dilemma as to which one you should savour your senses with or gift to your near and dear ones. To make your search simpler, here’s a list of some of the best brands of chocolates in India. So let’s check it out.

    How to Select the Best Chocolates

    With myriad options available, when it comes to selecting the best chocolates in India, it is quite brain-wrecking to pick the one that satiates your cravings the most. To get maximum satisfaction from your chosen chocolate variety, you need to ensure the following:

    • Choose the one that contains at least 70% cocoa. The higher the cocoa content in the chocolate, the less sweet and healthier it would be. Ensure cocoa beans used in the making of the chocolate should be listed at the topmost in the list of ingredients.
    • Chocolates containing vegetable oil, artificial sweeteners, butter oil or milk substitutes should be avoided as they spoil the authentic taste of the cocoa beans and also compromise its health quotient. 

    8 Best Brands of Chocolates in India

    When listing down the best chocolates in India, these names can not be overlooked at any cost. Here is our recommendation of the eight best brands of chocolates in India. 

    1. Chocolate Dairy Milk

    Chocolate Dairy Milk

    One of the most loved Indian chocolate brands is Cadbury. It has been tagged as one of the largest brands of chocolates in the world too. Its most appreciated chocolate is the Cadbury Dairy milk that has stolen the heart of millions of chocolate lovers not just in India but all across the globe. The primary reason behind this popularity is its rich taste and texture, its affordable price and the variations it offers. 

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    2. Nestle Chocolates


    One of the most recognised chocolates in India, Nestle is the parent company of some of the most famous chocolates that everyone nibbles on viz KitKat, Milky Bar and Bar one. Encrusted with rich chocolate and wafers, KitKat has been an all-time favourite for every age group. The best part about this chocolate is that there are no preservatives added to it. What makes Nestle products unique is the quality of its chocolates which has been intact since its inception.

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    3. Amul

    India’s largest milk and chocolate brand company, Amul, makes chocolates that contain 99% cocoa, are donned with the goodness of milk and are coated with a rich, strong flavour that lingers in the mouth. The company even has a range of dark chocolates for the conscious lot who do not want to keep a check on their sugar intake but cannot resist their love for chocolates.

    Some of its popular products include Amul Fruit and Nut, Amul Dark Chocolate, Amul choco minis and so on.

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    4. Parle Chocolates


    Yet another big player in the list of best brands for chocolates in India, Parle Chocolates, is originally from Belgium and excels in offering premium dark cocoa-chocolate flavour to chocolate lovers. What’s unique about Parle chocolates is that it offers highly affordable chocolates of fine quality.

    Some of its most liked products are Eclairs, Melody, Kaccha Mango bite, Kismi toffees and so on.

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    5. Ferrero Rocher

    Michael Ferrero founded this Italian company in the year 1946, but its dealing with India began only in 2004. Known for its yummiest combination of chocolate-hazelnut paste with crispy exteriors, Ferrero Rocher is one of the best-selling chocolates in India. The most loved kid’s chocolate, Kinderjoy, is also produced by the same chocolate brand.

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    6. Hershey’s Chocolates


    This dark chocolate brand from Brookside has now spread its wings in the Indian market and has gained immense popularity and momentum due to its unique flavours and tastes.

    What makes these chocolates unique is the fine quality ingredients that go into their production and the dark cocoa-rich flavour blended with an exotic fruity twist. 

    Popular options include Hershey’s Nugget Milk, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars, Hershey’s Dark chocolate, Hershey’s Kisses and so on.

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    7. Mars


    Mars chocolate brand entered the Indian market in the 1950s and has introduced various varieties of premium chocolates in India since then. What’s unique about the products of this brand of chocolates in India is its rich cocoa and milk flavour, which speaks volumes about its quality and taste.

    Some of its delicacy chocolates include Snickers, Mars bar, M & M, Skittles, Twix etc.

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    8. Campco chocolates


    Yet another name in the list of popular chocolates in India, the Campco brand manufactures chocolates in the Indian state of Karnataka using locally harvested cocoa beans that render the authentic chocolate flavour and maintain its original chocolate taste. This is what makes this chocolate brand highly loved and appreciated for years.

    Some of its highly appreciated products include Campso soft and silky chocolate, Campco dark chocolate, Campco sugar-free chocolate etc.

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    Summing It Up

    The number of popular brands of chocolates in India is many. In fact, chocolate lovers would get spoilt for choices and can even surprise their near and dear ones with attractive gift packages available from these mouthwatering chocolate brands in India. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1 Which is the oldest brand of chocolates in India?

    Ans: Cadbury was established in 1948 and is the oldest brand of chocolates in India.

    Q2. Which city is known as the ‘Chocolate City of India?’

    Ans: Kodaikanal in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is known as the ‘chocolate city of India’ mainly because of its wide variety of popular homemade chocolates.

    Q3. Which is the costliest chocolate in India?

    Ans: The Fabelle Trinity Truffles Extraordinaire is the costliest chocolate in India. It costs a whopping 4.3 lakhs for a kg. 

    Q4. Which is the best chocolate brand in India?

    Ans: Amongst the best brands of chocolates in India with the highest market share are Amul, Cadbury, and Nestle. 

    Q5. Which state in India produces the most chocolates?

    Ans: The Indian state of Andhra Pradesh boasts the highest cocoa production volume in India in the fiscal year 2022.