10 Best High Ankle Shoes for Men [2023]

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Best High Ankle Shoes for Men
Best High Ankle Shoes for Men

    A pair of shoes has transformed from an everyday necessity to a fashion statement for men. Whether you wish to dance the night away or embark on an arduous hike, your shoes define your personality and the kind of gentleman you are. The market is packed with a wide range of shoes, ranging from casual to** high ankle shoes.

    While it’s fun to keep a track of the fashion trends, what you truly need is a few pairs of shoes that never go out of style. That’s why your wardrobe must have a repertoire of high ankle shoes that perfectly blend comfort and luxury. Here is a list of the best high ankle shoes for men for your next day out:

    1. Adidas JS Wings 4.0 Shoes

    Adidas JS Wings 4.0 Shoes

    A connoisseur of shoes must have a pair of Adidas in their wardrobe. Chic and contemporary, these classic sneakers feature the eye-catching Jeremy Scott wings and an ankle strap. These are made of durable leather and come with a rubber outsole.

    These shoes are among the best high ankle shoes for men, as they are not only Instagram-worthy but would surely offer you complete comfort.

    What’s Great

    • Powerful brand name
    • Full-grain leather upper

    Shop from Adidas

    Product Review:

    • It’s one of the best lifestyle sneaker to buy, simple, elegant but attractive.Appy

    2. BXXY Chelsea Ankle-Length Boots with Suede Upper

    BXXY Chelsea Ankle Length Boots with Suede Upper

    Comfortable and stylish, these Black Chelsea Boots go well with casual outfits as well as formal wear. They are one of the** best high ankle shoes and have an EVA insole that allows you to wear these shoes for a longer duration.

    These boots elevate your height and straighten your stance, bringing more poise to your posture. The synthetic upper gives it a modern look without compromising the quality.

    What’s Great

    • Features an EVA sole
    • Dirt doesn’t stick on and hence can be cleaned easily

    Shop from Ajio
    Shop from Flipkart

    Product Review:

    • Good product and comfort Imthiyaz basha

    3. Red Chief Casuals For Men

    Red Chief Casuals For Men

    These brown shoes are a classic addition to your wardrobe. Red Chief features rubber soles and intricate stitches for a flawless finishing touch. Make sure that you don’t wash them as this pair of shoes is made of leather.

    What’s Great

    • Authentic and durable leather
    • Can easily be cleaned with a piece of cloth

    Shop from Flipkart

    Product Review:

    • Great Product. Nice Shoe.Leather quality and size perfection is excellent. HIMANSHU Tiwari

    4. TopamTop Army Boot Boots For Men

    TopamTop Army Boot Boots For Men

    One of the best high ankle shoes for men, this pair of army boots is all about class and quality. While the middle part features the quintessential green colour of the military, the toe cap and sole are shiny black, making it appear a lot more striking.

    What’s Great

    • Weighs about 500 g
    • Features a good grip

    Shop from Flipkart

    Product Review:

    • Good product filpkart. Nilesh Rawal

    5. Liberty Warrior Flying Boots

    Liberty Warrior Flying Boots SOErO2

    If you wish to opt for a fierce look, then these Liberty Warrior Flying Boots are worth checking out. They come with a zipper and are made of genuine leather. These slip-resistant boots feature double density soles and ensure that you can walk, strut or run comfortably. They are made using Direct Injection Process (DIP) technology that ensures that your shoes are not only stylish but durable as well.

    What’s Great

    • Antibacterial and abrasion-resistant
    • Authentic and durable leather

    Shop from Flipkart

    Product Review:

    • Looks good, quite trendy, a nice all weather combat boot. Somu sao

    6. Eego Italy Genuine Leather Boots

    Eego Italy Genuine Leather Boots

    If you are searching for durable footwear, then you would surely find this pair of boots among the best high ankle shoes for men. These boots feature genuine leather and steel toes, ensuring durability. Moreover, these lace-up boots are immensely comfortable to wear and have a rubber sole to prevent any accidents.

    What’s Great

    • Anti-skid shoes that feature rubber soles
    • Genuine and long-lasting leather

    Shop from Myntra

    Product Review:

    • the product quality is really impressive. You are description of the product is wonderful. Shoe are easily fit. Thank you MYNTRA and Eego Italy Team. Harshal Malokar

    7. Big Fox’s Men Classic Boot

    Big Fox%E2%80%99s Men Classic Boot

    These boots are appropriate for a casual supper as well as an important business meeting. One of the best high ankle shoes available online, these lace-up boots are made of leather. Meanwhile, the soles are made of polyvinyl chloride, ensuring durability as well as comfort.

    What’s Great

    • Comes with a zipper for absolute comfort
    • Genuine leather that is long-lasting

    Shop from Snapdeal

    Product Review:

    • Nice shoes… fits good… Good product at this price Ashish Sharma

    8. Allen Cooper Men’s Leather Brown Boots

    Allen Cooper Men%E2%80%99s Leather Brown Boots

    Whether you are exploring a winter wonderland, riding a bicycle or hiking in barren lands, you should definitely go for these brown boots for complete comfort during outdoor activities. They are made of leather and are quite durable.

    Besides being the best high ankle running shoes, these boots feature soles made of thermoplastic elastomers and ooze sophistication. Moreover, they go well with cargo pants as well as jeans and make you feel confident.

    What’s Great

    • Soles made of thermoplastic elastomers
    • Perfect for vigorous outdoor activities

    Shop from Ajio

    Product Review:

    • Very nice and very comfortable. Gufran Alam

    9. Spade Club Sneakers for Men

    Spade Club Sneakers for Men

    If you are planning to go for a night out and dance until the wee hours, then these sneakers are perfect for you. Stylish, cool, and comfortable, these are among the best high ankle shoes for men. As they do not appear chunky, they go well with casual outfits. Moreover, they are good for a workout session in the gym. These plain black sneakers don’t feature any tacky logos, so feel free to wear these** high ankle casual shoes on different occasions.

    What’s Great

    • Lightweight and comfortable
    • Come with laces and offer flexibility

    Shop from Flipkart

    Product Review:

    • I like these white shoes and I am wearing them and looking very comfortable. Gautam Singh

    10. The House of Rare Gum-Leather Shoes

    The House of Rare Gum Leather Shoes

    These pure leather shoes by the House of Rare are all about class, elegance and modernity. Made of 100% leather, they are among the best high ankle shoes for men. This pair of shoes features a dual-tone effect and has a lining made of printed Napa leather.

    These high ankle shoes feature a rubber TRP sole that ensures that you don’t slip or skid; thus, preventing any accidents and ensuring that you feel comfortable.

    What’s Great

    • 100% genuine leather
    • Engineered rubberised TRP sole

    Shop from The House of Rare
    Shop from Ajio

    Product Review:

    • What a lovely shoe it looks. Balram Khatiwara

    *All prices are subject to change without notice

    Whether you are planning for an outing with friends, a vacation in the lap of nature, or preparing for your next board meeting, you can choose among these best high ankle shoes for men for leaving a long-lasting impression wherever you go.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What are ankle high shoes?

    Ans. Ankle high shoes are shoes that cover your entire foot and reach up towards your ankle. You can expect to find various styles, including closed toes, open toes, flat soles, and more.

    Q. Which company boots are best in India?

    Ans. If you are looking for high-quality ankle high boots, you should check out Adidas, Liberty Warrior, Converse Unisex, etc.

    Q. How do you wear ankle high shoes?

    Ans. If you wish to make a style statement, you should wear your ankle high shoes with jeans and a biker jacket.